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Salt & Peppermint

Armitage Shanks ...

Salt & Peppermint

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Armitage Shanks ...

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Adam - Rock star!
Get This' panel operator, Richard Marsland, has been lovingly given a multitude of nicknames by listeners, over at his Wikipedia page. They had all been taken off recently, until Ed Kavalee made a plea on air this morning for someone to put them all back - and sure enough, there they are again!

I figured I may as well make an effort to alphabetise them, simply because I can. So the list is ... [as of 12:45 pm, Wednesday October 25]

6:30 am
A Time to Dick
Anne Wills' Bitch
Armani Shanks
Armitage 'Lamb' Shanks
Armitage Shanks
Bhache Ihn Phive
Calrissian aka Richard "dirty sanchez" Marsland
Citizen Dick
Crouching Richard Hidden Dick
David Bowie
David Marr-sland
Dealing with Marsland
Dick Bar
Dick 'Clarke' Marsland
Dick Red
Dick's Family Feud
Dicky Sanchez
Dolce & Marslanda
Ed Schwarzenhamanegganburger
Euro Marsland
Face On Mars
GE Money Master
God Of War
Gold Coast Marsland
Gorhne Phishing
H. G. Wells
Head Poncho
Hong Kong Marsland
Humphrey Bogart
Hurricane 'the windswept' Marsland
I'll get you butler yeahhhhh
Kim Beasely's Gimp
Life on Marsland
Marlene Reifenstahl
Mars Attacks
Mars Bar
Mars Needs Guitars
Mars Rover
Mars Triple Chocolate
Mars-kiss me quick, hug me slow-Land
Marsland Cricket Ground
Marsland Paris
Marsland the Martian
MarsLand Theme Park
Marslando Bloom
Marslando Calrissian [reported on Get This as his favourite]
Marslon VonRichtoven
Mars-suhita Electric Co.
Men Are From
Men are from Mars-land [technically the same as the above, but they were both listed]
Michard Rarsland
Mission to Mars-land
Moose Fighter 2000
Mooting Marsland
Moto Marsland
Oh Dick, Where Art Thou
Out of this world
Panel Fantasia
Petshop Boi [what's with the spelling?]
Push it Real good-Marsland
R. M. Synthems
R.M Williams
Ricardo Marchio
Richard Marsipan
Richard 'Simmons' Marsland
Richardo Montolbom
Rick Head
Rick Shanky-Ho
Rick's Cafe
Ricky "Work, Rest, and Play"-land
Ricky Funk Face
Ricky M [listed twice]
Ricky Mouse
Ricky Ricky East-ender
Riff Raff Marsland
Salt and Pepper
Shanky McWindswept
Shock Jock Richard Marsland
Spandau Marsland [this has got the be the best nickname on the list – and I didn’t even come up with it!]
Spirit and Opportunity
Sticky Ricky
Sunrise with mel and Marsland
Tequila Dickingbird
The Actor Richard Marsland
The Big M
The Big Red
The Button Bender
The Cock Sucker Down The Road [a reference to the “Dick Liquor” sketch on the April 6 show]
The Devil with The Blue Dick on
The Dick Planet
The Face On Mars
The Island of Dr. Marsland
The Man From Nantucket
The Mars Explorer
The Mars Volta
The Marsla-bator
The Marslander
The Mars-ter: with Mark Baretta
The Panel Whisperer
The Red Planet
The Sanchez Master
The Shaw Shanky Redemption
The Swarthy and wind swept man from mars god of war Marslando
The Viking
Tokyo Marsland
Tony Mar(tin)sland
Tony Martin's Whiping boy [I think they mean "whipping"]
Toto Neorest
Traction Jackson
Typhoon Marsland
University Of Marsland
Up your nose and away it goes Marsland
Veronica Mars-land
Viking2: Mars-lander
Wiki Marsland
Windswept One
Windy Rick

Armitage's page is now locked, so that only "experienced" and "trusted" Wikipedia users can edit it, and all the nicknames have been taken down! But never fear - comment here with your suggestions, and one day, when I have time, I'll add them to the masterlist ...
  • Armitage Shanks' Nicknames

    Wheels of Steel
  • (Anonymous)
    Richard Marsland of the long white cloud
    Mew Marsland

    Lard March Slandar
  • (Anonymous)
    Kaftan Marsland
  • Marslands Nickname

    How about this one

  • shanksy

    HindMars Stadium - usually Hindmarsh stadium in SA

    the Marster Blaster - paying homage to Kim Beazley

    Richard 'Cranium' Marsland
  • more names

    Mars-cia Brady
  • nick name for marsland

    The Acid Tart
  • (Anonymous)
    Waylon Marsland
  • 2 suggestions

    The Mars-ked Avenger
    The Mars-keteer
  • ...is people

    Soylent Marsland
  • Armitage Shanks Nicknames

    Marsland in the Middle
    Earth. What they eat on Marsland.
  • Amy Wong Of The Marsland Wongs
    • (Anonymous)
      Llama McGhee
      Naomi Robson
      Maggie Thatcher's Penis
      Ten Leopards Singing
  • kavalies bitch

    menage au tre marsland
    the janitor
    keeper of the swollen ring
  • Armitage Shanks ...

    the nice sounding young man i want my daughter to marry
    • Re: Armitage Shanks ...

      Brokeback Marsland- fom brett
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